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Author Unveils Candid Insights in New Book "Up-Close and Personal" Exposing Trump's Alleged Divine Connections

By: Issuewire
Lionel B Harris

Wilmington, Delaware Feb 15, 2024 ( - In an unapologetically candid exploration, Harris, Lionel Barry, releases "Up-Close and Personal: The Rise of the Trumplican Party," a thought-provoking book that delves into the motivations behind the author's decision to challenge conventional perceptions of Donald John Trump.

The author, who also personally designed the book's cover, reveals that the driving force behind this project was a deep-seated frustration. Having penned two previous books about Trump, Harris asserts that Trump lacks any religious inclination. To emphasize this perspective, the author chose a provocative cover depicting 'apes,' questioning whether Trump subscribes to the theory of evolution.

The release of "Up-Close and Personal" comes at a time when the former president is being associated with divine roles, such as "the Chosen One" and "Orange Jesus." This has left Harris not only agitated but also compelled to challenge these assertions vehemently.

Harris, Lionel Barry has been aware of Donald John Trump for five decades and adamantly insists that he is undeserving of titles that liken him to figures of religious significance. The author takes a firm stance against the characterization of Trump as a benevolent deity or a man of great faith, expressing concern for those who propagate such views.

The book challenges the notion that Trump resembles or mimics the Jesus Christ figure in the Bible, contending that it is a blatant insult to the life of Christ. Harris, Lionel Barry argue that genuine Christians strive to emulate the living Christ, a quality conspicuously absent in Trump's public persona.

In "Up-Close and Personal: The Rise of the Trumplican Party," Harris, Lionel Barry explores personal experiences and reflections on spirituality, drawing from a journey that began decades ago in an effort to understand and embody the principles of Christianity. The author encourages readers to critically assess those who elevate Trump to divine status, cautioning against the potential alignment with what is described as a "devil-weaved cloth."

Get your copy today and partake of Harris' cup of creativity and insightful lessons about Trump's nature while under duress.

Buy the book "Up-Close and Personal: The Rise of the Trumplican Party": Harris, Lionel Barry 

ISBN-13: 978-1952896293

Book Title: Up-Close and Personal: The Rise of the Trumplican Party

Author: Harris, Lionel Barry

Publisher: Readersmagnet LLC

Represented by: Great Writers Media, LLC

Published Date: September 26, 2020

About the Author

Lionel Barry Harris hails from St. Louis, Missouri. Following a 3-year stint in the U.S. Army, he pursued a diverse range of intriguing professions. His experiences include overseeing a sizable janitorial service, serving in roles with the federal government, the St. Louis Police Department, and the Potter Electric Co. However, his longest-standing commitment, spanning 34 years, was with the St. Louis Public Schools at the high school level. Additionally, Harris contributed part-time to the GED program and served as a school bus driver for the Ferguson-Florissant School District.

Furthermore, he wrote other books entitled "Racism, Sexism, Trumpism, Pseudo-Christianity and the Cinema" and "Dark Yesterdays Bright Tomorrows". They're available on Amazon and other leading online retailers.

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