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Weight Transformation Program Available At Northwestern Medical Weight Loss

Dr. Vinay Rawlani and the team at Northwestern Medical Weight Loss, based in Chicago, IL, are helping the community benefit from medical weight loss techniques. The medical weight loss clinic offers a dedicated ‘Transformation Program,’ personalized for each individual, that allows them to undergo doctor-supervised weight loss.

Dr. Rawlani is proud to share that many have already undergone the Program, and their respective journeys have shown the clinic that lots of people stand to benefit from this unique method of weight loss. In fact, those who participated in (and completed) the Program as instructed showed a stunning weight loss between 10 - 30 pounds over a six month period, and up to 90% of participants managed to reach this goal.

Northwestern Medical Weight Loss

“The Transformation Program,” states Dr. Rawlani, “is designed to run for six months because good results take time to build, especially since our ultimate goal is to give this weight loss the biggest chance of being a permanent improvement. Lots of other options may promise greater weight loss in a shorter period, but the industry is notorious for over-promising and under-delivering, and any weight that is lost in the short-term has a tendency to return not long after. The Transformation Program is different. The results you achieve will stay with you.”

He clarifies that this does not mean participants should give themselves free rein to eat less healthily, avoid all exercise and so on. Instead, it may be more accurate to say the Program allows participants to maintain their weight loss without extreme effort or even dangerous practices.

Getting started is easy. Anyone interested in starting their Transformation may schedule a consultation with Dr. Rawlani. Here, a number of pertinent health-related concerns will be discussed, including the client’s medical history, past struggles with weight loss and so on. This information will help Dr. Rawlani determine how suitable a candidate is for the Transformation Program — and he is pleased to clarify that the vast majority of people will find they can get started immediately.

Several parts of the Program have to be tailored to the individual, he explains, such as the dosages for weight loss medications and so on. If the client is expected to experience any additional challenges during the Program, this will be discussed during the consultation (including a breakdown of how the team may accommodate said challenges).

It is notable that many choose to undergo the Transformation Program more than once, electing to continue for another six months in order to double their weight loss. The doctor says this is indeed a viable course of action, but it is not considered necessary. However, participants may feel comfortable extending the Program because they feel comfortable with Dr. Rawlani and his team keeping a close eye on them.

He says, “When we say doctor-supervised, we mean it. We don’t expect you to take up residence at the clinic for half a year, but we will always be within reach — around the clock. The team’s expert guidance and input will always be available no matter what time it is, allowing you to check with us the moment you have any concerns about your body and health. Of course, you will also have a dedicated plan to follow, complete with personalized dosage prescriptions. You may also benefit from minor changes to your diet and exercise habits.”

Dietary and exercise regimen changes are actually not required for the program to work. In fact, the doctor says the objective of the Program is to allow participants to lose weight without making any significant changes. Those who are already following a specific diet or exercising regularly will often find they are able to continue if they prefer. Similarly, anyone who has found their weight loss efforts rewarded by particularly stubborn pounds near the end will find the Transformation Program may be exactly what they need to get over the final leg of their journey.

Dr. Vinay Rawlani looks forward to working with clients who wish to look and feel their best six months from now. His office is always available to schedule a consultation.


For more information about Northwestern Medical Weight Loss, contact the company here:

Northwestern Medical Weight Loss
Vinay Rawlani
676 N St Clair St, Suite D Chicago, IL. 60611

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