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Stealth Belt Inc. Is Offering A Range Of Ostomy Belt Products For All Requirements

Stealth Belt offers a range of ostomy bags designed with the most commonly requested features from patients with varying needs in mind.

A Stealth Belt is a custom ostomy support belt that is specially designed to hold the ostomy appliance securely and discreetly in place against the body. It has a zippered pouch compartment that allows for easy access to the ostomy, so there is no need to remove the belt when it is time to empty the appliance. Designed to provide a comfortable, supportive, and protective fit, the fashionable and sleek belt is virtually unnoticeable.

“For those individuals who have had a colostomy, urostomy, ileostomy or other similar procedures,” says the spokesperson for Stealth Belt, “ostomy bag belts provide support for the weight of medical appliances that are attached to the stoma. These colostomy wraps are carefully designed to wrap around the abdomen and securely attach to the ostomy bag. An ostomy belt creates security and support for ostomates and their colostomy bags. With Stealth Belt, you get the best innovations in the industry in a range of products tailored to a wide swath of needs.”

Stealth Belts are designed by actual ostomy pouch users, thus improving the overall experience through the first-hand experience of product designers who know what it is like to use them daily. All Stealth Belts are proudly made and manufactured right here in the USA and are uniquely customizable to suit individual needs. The company also makes high-performance designs for those who need a reliable ostomy bag for their active lifestyle.

“Life with an ostomy isn’t always easy,” says the spokesperson, “but we aim to make it better. High-performance designs and rigorous testing ensure that your Stealth Belt will hold up during any activity. Our ostomy support belts provide the utmost level of support for your ostomy appliance. At Stealth Belt, we understand the unique challenges that come with living with an ostomy. So, we’ve made it our mission to provide ostomy support belts and services that our customers can count on.”

The company’s ostomy belts, including a waterproof ostomy belt, are made with a breathable, 4-way stretch fabric that comfortably supports the weight of appliances as they fill and applies gentle pressure to the adhesive for extra security. This ends up dramatically improving the quality of the experience as it is important to choose a belt made from hypoallergenic and breathable materials and to regularly check and care for the skin around the stoma to prevent irritation.

The Stealth Belt Pro, the company’s most versatile belt is designed for everyday wear and provides 24/7 support for every lifestyle. It is available in horizontal and vertical options and is custom-designed to be sleek, stylish, and comfortable while supporting and concealing the ostomy appliance. Its features include an easy-access zipper, expandable pouch compartment, 4" range of adjustability, double-locking closure system, and moisture-wicking fabric.

The company’s Slip-On Ostomy Belt is ideal for casual daily wear, light activity, and sleeping. Designed for the slimmest possible profile, the Slip-On Belt provides maximum comfort and light support for life’s leisure moments. Having no closure system, this belt blends perfectly beneath tank tops and tighter-fitting clothing. It features many of the same conveniences of the Stealth Belt with no adjustability and a step-in, slip-on system.

Stealth Belt’s Neoprene Belt, sporting an all-Neoprene fabric face, is designed to withstand the impact of any wave. Not recommended for 24/7 support, this belt was designed to keep up with its customers’ need for adventure. The company recommends it for surfing and wakeboarding.

Finally, the Hybrid Belt is a favorite among athletes, construction workers, police officers, or anyone who is looking for maximal support and added protection from impact. The Hybrid has a neoprene strip across the front of the belt, which helps protect the stoma from utility belts or impact in sports. Hybrid Belts can have hernia support added.

Readers are urged to find out more about Stealth Belt by visiting its website and browsing through its wide range of customizable ostomy products.


For more information about Stealth Belt Inc., contact the company here:

Stealth Belt Inc.
Stealth Belt Inc.
210 W Oakland Ave #B, Johnson City, TN 37604

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