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Phoenix Pool Table Moving Service Trusted Billiards Announces Expansion Across Maricopa County

Trusted Billards Pool Table Movers have announced that they will now be serving all of Maricopa County in Arizona with pool table moving, pool table repair, and pool table re-felting services.

Moving a pool table can be a challenging task that requires careful planning and execution to ensure the safety of both the table and those involved in the process. With its years of experience in the industry, Trusted Billiards Phoenix is helping residents in Maricopa County, whether they are relocating to a new home or just rearranging their current space, understand the many intricacies that go into moving a pool table safely and securely.

The spokesperson for Trusted Billiards says, “Before you start, make sure you have all the required equipment and materials. This includes moving blankets, packing tape, bubble wrap, screwdrivers, a staple remover, a power drill, and a socket set. It's also crucial to have a sufficient number of people to help with the lifting.”

The first step is disassembling the pool table starting with the pockets, rails, and felt. Trusted Billiards recommends labeling each piece and keeping track of the bolts and screws to make reassembly easier. If the table has a slate playing surface, it is essential to dismantle it into manageable sections.

Next, each disassembled part should be wrapped in moving blankets or bubble wrap to prevent scratches and damage during transit. The coverings should be secured with packing tape to ensure they stay in place. Felt surfaces should not be folded as the creases can be challenging to remove.

Once the individual components are protected, the focus should move on to the table frame. The legs can be removed using a power drill and socket set. If they are detachable, they should be wrapped individually. If not, the entire frame can be wrapped. Slate, which is the heaviest and most delicate part of the pool table, should be handled with extreme care with dollies or furniture straps recommended to transport the sections to the moving vehicle.

While filling up the transport vehicle, the heaviest items must be placed at the bottom and all items should be tightly secured to prevent shifting during transit. A box truck or a vehicle with a large, flat surface is preferred to transport the parts of the pool table. The driver of the vehicle should keep in mind to avoid sudden stops or sharp turns to prevent any movement or damage to the components during transit.

Finally, reassembly at the destination begins with adjusting the legs to ensure the pool table is completely level. Proper organization and labeling at the beginning of the process should make this part much easier and straightforward. While reclothing the table, the felt should be slightly stretched and the wrinkles should be ironed out to ensure optimal playing conditions when firmly installed. To find out more about moving pool tables, readers are urged to visit Trusted Billiards Phoenix Facebook.

“With these instructions, you can easily move any pool table locally or over long distances without damage or losing any of the critical parts,” says the spokesperson. “However, if you would like to not be tasked with the complicated procedure, you can always rely on professionals like us to take care of it without hassles and with the assurance that your pool table will be waiting for you at your destination, ready to play, as well put together and pristine as it was at the start of the journey. Hiring professional movers experienced in handling pool tables is definitely a worthwhile investment for a seamless and stress-free relocation. Call Trusted Billiards today to move your pool table within Arizona and across state lines. Now serving all of Maricopa County including Ahwatukee Foothills in Phoenix, Red Rock, Biltmore Greens III, Scottsdale, Encanto, Paradise Valley, Del Rey, Camelback Estates IV, Desert Hills, and more.”

Readers can find out more about Trusted Billiards by visiting its website or finding Trusted Billiards Phoenix on LinkedIn.


For more information about Trusted Billiards Phoenix, contact the company here:

Trusted Billiards Phoenix
Francisco Garcia
(602) 207-8095
Phoenix, Arizona

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