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Dr. Greg Watson From Entrepreneurship Essentials Delivers Entrepreneurial Wealth Workshop at TENWest

Serial entrepreneur Dr. Greg Watson delivered an entrepreneurship wealth workshop at the TENWest Festival on Nov 9th, 2023, as a part of his initiative, Entrepreneurship Essentials.

Dr. Greg Watson has years of experience founding and running numerous businesses and he serves on the boards of various venture capital firms and early-stage companies. His business ventures cover a wide gamut of industries such as payroll processing, national digital advertising integration, publishing, hotel and hospitality management, eCommerce, digital marketing platforms, and fulfillment. As a retired professor of entrepreneurship and former director of the Center for Teaching and Learning, he now spends his valuable time as a leading speaker on entrepreneurship and education.

TENWest Build a Business Bigger Than You Workshop

At the November 9th event, Dr. Greg spoke on the topic “Build a Business that’s Bigger than You.” The ultimate goal of the seminar was to answer a burning question for entrepreneurs: “If, at some point, I want my company to run without me, how do I start from the beginning to make that possible?” To ensure his audience understood what it takes to make that happen, Dr. Greg Watson walked attendees through the foundations of applying an entrepreneurial mindset to business planning.

During the session, first, Dr. Watson helped attendees identify which type of entrepreneur they are – Creator, Builder, or Organizer and the impact that it can have on the type of business model, role, or leadership style they choose. Then, the session dives into the five forms of entrepreneurial wealth – Financial, Social, Physical, Mental, and Time and how to prioritize the role as the business launches and grows. Dr. Watson then discussed what a business needs to succeed which includes leveraging priorities, aligning roles, nurturing systems, cultivating teams, establishing succession or legacy, and balanced wealth.

Towards the end of the talk, Dr. Watson shares the key takeaway for his audience by saying, “My father said to me - train and develop your people so well that you have nothing to do. That allows you to have the freedom to do the most sophisticated parts of your job. I’ve always tried to build my organizations so that they can run without me. If they can run a week without me, then we are pretty good. Then we can strategically place a plan for a month for them to run without me. When I get back, I might have a little bit of stuff to do but I’ve trained and developed a professional team. That’s the key. Do you have respect for your team as professionals and that they can actually carry out their jobs? That’s why I believe in training and developing your organization so well that they can run the organization without you.”

Over the years, Greg has received numerous awards for teaching excellence. He has served on numerous boards, committees, and councils, including advisory and visiting committees for the Higher Learning Commission. He also serves as a consultant in the crypto, hospitality, and digital commerce and marketing industries.

His work in education made him the lead of the redevelopment of the Center for Teaching and Learning. Today, he hosts workshops nationally and is well known in distance learning circles for innovation and emphasis on the learner experience. He was also invited to lead the New Venture Development program for Entrepreneurship at a Division 1 university where he focused on program rankings, program innovation, and academic excellence including the development of a Masters of Entrepreneurship program.

Entrepreneurs from all over the United States have given Dr. Greg Watson’s consulting and coaching services the seal of approval. Ricky from Tucson says, “You gave me the support and guidance when no one else cared and the confidence to believe that I could create my business. More importantly that my business was legit and real.” Rachel from Arizona says, “You gave me the clear vision of a path forward for the future with my 4-year-old son. With the steps to make that vision a reality.”

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