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Dr. Mark Hickman Offers Vasectomy Reversal at an Affordable Cost

Dr. Mark Hickman, MD, FACS, a highly skilled microsurgeon in New Braunfels, TX, ensures affordable cost to reverse a vasectomy. He is offering two all-inclusive affordable choices with one option available at $3,300 and includes oral sedation and local anesthesia. The other affordable choice is available at $4,200 and includes IV sedation that is administered by a board certified anesthesiologist. Since these are all-inclusive options, patients are assured there will be no hidden costs or any surprises when it is time to pay the bill.

Dr. Hickman is highly skilled in microsurgery and has focused his entire practice on vasectomy reversals. At present, he has already performed thousands of successful reversals during his 26 years of practice, resulting into thousands of births and happy new parents. His patients are not just from New Braunfels but many are from various places in Texas including other states, such as Oklahoma, Louisiana, and across the United States. He wants to point out that New Braunfels is a tourist town. Because of its two most picturesque rivers, there are a lot of rafting, fishing, tubing, and swimming. Also found in New Braunfels is Schlitterbahn, which is the largest water park in the US and can offer a whole day of fun and entertainment for both children and adults.

affordable vasectomy reversal

He will perform a microsurgical repair of the vas deferens, which is the long muscular tube through which the sperm passes before it is ejaculated. The vas is connected to the testicle and it is this tube that is cut and sealed during vasectomy. To reverse a vasectomy, Dr. Hickman will look for the two ends of vas deferens and free them from the surrounding scar tissue. After finding them, he will perform microsurgical repair using 10-0 nylon suture with the help of a Zeiss OPMI-MDM operating microscope. It will usually take 10 to 15 stitches to ensure a watertight seal to optimize the possibility of a successful reversal.

Another way to ensure a high probability of success is to take sample fluid from the testicular end of the vas and examine this under a laboratory microscope. Even after a vasectomy, the testicles are supposed to continue to produce sperm, which means that the sample fluid should contain sperm. There are three possibilities when examining this sample fluid. The first possibility is that the fluid is found to contain whole sperm, which is the best possible scenario. The second possibility is that the fluid is thin and doesn’t contain whole sperm but just sperm parts. This second scenario is the most common.

The third possibility is that the sample fluid is thick and pasty and doesn’t contain any sperm, which indicates that there is an obstruction, which is called an epididymal blowout. This means there is a rupture of the vas deferens in the epididymis. With the third scenario, Dr. Hickman will need to perform a vasoepididymostomy in addition to the vasovasostomy. Both procedures need to be done for a successful outcome. For the patient, there is no need to worry about any additional cost even with the additional procedure because Dr. Hickman’s offer is all-inclusive cost.

Established in 1988, Dr. Mark Hickman employs his pioneering microsurgical and minimally invasive approach for vasectomy reversal. He finished his general surgery residency training at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. It was during this point in time that he learned about the microsurgery methods and he immediately realized the different benefits that minimally invasive microsurgery can offer to his patients, so he decided to use microsurgery in his practice where he decided to focus on vasectomy reversals. Dr. Hickman is also inviting patients from places in the US to come to New Braunfels. He has made deals with various local hotels to be able allow his out of town patients to get a 50 percent discount in their hotel accommodation.

Those who are looking for an affordable vasectomy reversal can visit Dr. Hickman’s website or contact him on the phone or by email. The practice is open from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.


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Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversals by Dr. Mark Hickman
Dr. Mark Hickman
Microsurgical Vasectomy Reversals by Dr. Mark Hickman
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