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New Release Launched In ‘Long Sleeve T - Shirts With An Attitude’

Sarah James Jazz Merch, based in the Hudson Valley, NY, is excited to share the latest member in their line of long sleeve T-shirts: the Citi Goddess Woman on Layfayette St. Available in several colors, this item takes a place of pride in Sarah James’ ‘T-shirts with an attitude.’ Find it here:

Like many other items in this line, the T-shirt carries one of Sarah James’ own captures, a photograph she says was taken in New York City some years ago. As James herself explains in the item’s description, “This image just kills me. Wear it when you don't want anyone to mess with you!”

Citi Goddess T Shirt

To anyone who takes a glance at the front of the T-shirt, the reason behind this suggestion is obvious, as it features what appears to be a striking figure of a woman baring her teeth. Being a still image, the reason behind this snarl is up for interpretation, but there is no questioning that it produces an intimidating effect. Graffiti art adorns the background in the image as well, lending it the distinct charm of the concrete jungle. Given the subject’s origins, this is likely to be unsurprising to anyone who has seen the area for themselves.

“Found on a door in lower Manhattan,” James says of the T-shirt, “I think around 2016 or 2017. I call this my ‘city goddess’ to declare that women must speak out to balance the world we live in. Be it money, family or desires, women must continue to speak out, speak up and let it rip. Communication is key. If we don't speak truth, we are a lost civilization.”

Sarah James Jazz Merch aims to create and share unique and artistic creations for the discerning shopper. The brand’s audience, explains James, knows what they are looking for and how to get it, and each item on offer is designed to play an important role in their self-expression. This foundation is what makes the brand’s items so captivating, especially since they combine the worlds of art, poetry and fashion. See more here:

Customers who try the T-shirt out will be pleased to learn that Sarah James Jazz Merch has many other offerings available online. In addition to a range of T-shirts, customers are welcome to browse through and order a variety of mugs, precious metal jewelry and even pillowcases. Like Sarah James herself, the brand seeks to find a harmonious blend of creativity and style that produces pieces that are truly unique.

The individual elements involved may be apparent to any who are themselves familiar with the creative arts, but James confirms that most (if not all) the brand’s products fall under a fusion of photography, poetry and design. Sarah James Jazz Merch’s emphasis on crafting one-of-a-kind pieces also means that their collection is incredibly diverse in its themes and messaging, thereby appealing to enthusiasts and fashion-forward individuals alike. The ‘T-shirts With Attitude,’ line, for instance, are notable for highlighting edgy, colorful and captivating street art from New York City and beyond.

Many will also be cognizant of the fact that the holiday season is fast approaching, and the hunt for the perfect gift must soon commence. Sarah James Jazz Merch is confident that their line will provide ample opportunity for shoppers to find gifts that resonate with their loved ones — or even themselves, if they wish to participate in some self-care before the dawn of the new year. The diversity of the collection also ensures there is something for everyone, and shoppers are encouraged to see everything that is on offer before making a decision.

Last, but not least, Sarah James Jazz Merch understands that the holidays can be a stressful period for many, especially those who find themselves caught up with last-minute gift hunts. In response, the brand has made an effort to improve the shopping experience, utilizing user-friendly links and other techniques to ensure purchases are as straightforward and hassle-free as possible.

Holiday shoppers are invited to enter the world of Sarah James Jazz Merch and discover the perfect piece that reflects their personality and aesthetic. See more at the following link:


For more information about Sarah James Jazz Merch, contact the company here:

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