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Effie Awards Greater China and Tencent Qidian Further Strengthen Strategic Partnership

By: Newsfile

Shanghai, China--(Newsfile Corp. - January 18, 2022) - On December 27, at the opening ceremony of 2021 Effie Greater China Unthinkable summit, Effie Greater China and Tencent Cloud Qidian Marketing launched a strategic partnership to continue and upgrade 2022 Industrial Digitalization: Service and Marketing Specialty Category. The Specialty Category will keep focusing on the field of industrial digitization, leading, inspiring and recognizing digitalized service and marketing works and practitioners with both marketing effectiveness and industry leadership, and continue to witness, record and facilitate the upgrading of China's industrial digitalization progress.

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Official announcement of 2022 Industrial Digitalization: Service and Innovation Specialty Category

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As a global platform to promote marketing effectiveness, after more than 50 years of development, Effie Awards has entered 57 countries and regions around the world, spanning 125 markets. Effie Greater China is the most important and fastest growing market of Effie Worldwide and has become the wind vane of global effective marketing.

Focusing on industrial digitization and building the Specialty Category 2.0

At the signing ceremony, Mr. Alex Xu, President of Effie Greater China and Senior EVP of Effie Worldwide, said, "Digitalization helps enterprises break the time and space constraints and provide more users and consumers with products and services accurately. Effie Greater China embraces every innovative field, recognizes market-tested marketing strategies and innovation practices, and promotes the growth of commercial value of brands. In 2021, we are glad to see the positive feedback and entries of leading enterprises in various industries, which has solidified the influence of the Specialty Category and confirms our original aspiration to build a specialty category with Tencent Qidian. In 2022, we will join hands with Tencent Cloud Qidian Marketing again to build the Industrial Digitalization: Service and Marketing Specialty Category 2.0, aiming to further explore and tap digital service and marketing solutions for different industries, drive industrial innovation and lead the trend of industrial digitization."

Ms. Freda Xu, VP of Marketing, Tencent CSIG, said, "Behind the marketing iteration and innovation are technological changes. From the 2G era to the 5G era, with the evolution of science and technology and the development of Internet, the marketing category has changed from the focus on the content in the traditional era of big idea to the focus on experience in the CRI era. It is hoped that through the strategic partnership with Effie Greater China, we can explore new ways of industrial digitalization services and marketing to offer better marketing experience to both brands and users."

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Freda Xu, VP of Marketing, Tencent CSIG

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Integration of service and marketing in the CRI era

"After ten years of development, the mobile Internet is about to usher in the next wave of upgrading. We call it CRI." By the end of 2020, Mr. Pony Ma, Chairman and CEO of Tencent, pointed out in Tencent's internal journal, "A series of basic technologies, from real-time communication to audio and video, have been prepared, and cloud computing capabilities have been rapidly improved, driving richer changes in the mode of information contact and human-machine interaction. This is a process from quantitative change to qualitative change, which means the integration of online and offline, and the integration of real and electronic methods. The door of virtual world and real world has been opened, so has the door for the application scenario from consumption internet to industrial internet."

Ms. Freda Xu, VP of Marketing, Tencent CSIG, delivered a speech entitled "Future Experience of Symbiosis between Technology and Marketing: Integration of Service and Marketing". She pointed out that CRI has tapped more possibilities for marketers. We will achieve a more immersive customer experience with more imaginative marketing scenarios and updated interactive methods. To sum up, it is the three characteristics - Total Reality, Human-Machine Cooperation and Convergence. Ms. Freda Xu introduced three practice cases that Tencent Qidian has created for the clients, which more showed the experience change of symbiosis between technology and marketing, and brought a scene of new customer experience for the brand.

  • Total Reality

Through the collaboration with Vanke, Tencent Qidian restored the ancient city of Nantou, Shenzhen at the scale of 1:1, created an online immersive scene and launched the WeChat mini program by using the modeling technology of real-time games. Through the integration of digital technology and humanities and arts, it offered a new experience of tourism scenario that will never end.

  • Human-Machine Cooperation

Through partnership with Siemens Health, Tencent Cloud built the first cloud medical imaging workstation consistent with the privatization deployment in the industry. Doctors may directly access, upload or export the data stored in the cloud only through the established interface, so as to conveniently and smoothly complete the whole diagnosis, thereby offering advanced means of diagnosis, treatment and examination at a lower cost.

  • Convergence

Tencent Cloud cooperated with CCTV to make a digital interactive user experience case for the Sanxingdui archaeological excavation site and simulated the process of visiting the archaeological site and looking for cultural relics by rotating the screen and shaking the joystick. Within the first two days following the launch of this campaign, the number of online participating players has exceeded 10,000.

The management system of the Marketing Center of Tencent CSIG has built a one-stop To B digital marketing platform with Tencent Cloud Qidian Marketing and Tencent customer service products as the core. It covers four important management modules: smart conference service, intelligent clue management, content marketing management and data insight analysis. As a marketing management operating system in the CRI era, Tencent Cloud Qidian Marketing can complete the automated intelligent management of thousands of marketing campaigns and cooperate with sales and eco channel partners, so as to increase customer acquisition data and improve clue conversion efficiency, thereby helping enterprises achieve the goal of business growth.

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Ms. Freda Xu said, "In 2021, with the help of this system, we halved the cost of customer acquisition while achieving the growth of enterprise customers and doubled the conversion of optimized clue. In the field of enterprise service marketing, Tencent Qidian has been rooted for 15 years, helping many enterprises realize digital transformation. In the report "2021 China Intelligent Customer Service Market Report" released by Frost & Sullivan, Tencent Qidian, ranks No.1 in the leader quadrant in the intelligent customer service market, and the product solution integrating service and marketing has obvious market competitive advantages."

"Only by innovating for technology and products in the enterprise business scenario can we realize the promotion of the industry through service and marketing integration." Said Ms. Freda Xu. "Based on our practice of serving more than one million enterprises in all walks of life, we found that in order to achieve business goals in the CRI era, we not only pay attention to both external skills and build a customer experience integrating service and marketing, but also practice internal skills to break through internal data barriers and achieve intelligent business growth through data engine."

Tencent Cloud Qidian Marketing will also continue to make full of Tencent digital technology to help the brand build an innovative customer experience in the CRI era, implement a new system of service and marketing integration, improve the customer acquisition capability and operation efficiency of the enterprise, thus solving the problem of enterprise growth.


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