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WDC Announced Its Future Development Blueprint in the Intelligent Society

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As the industry progresses, public interest in artificial intelligence (AI) grows. Following the year of Large Language Models (LLM) in 2023, OpenAI's GPT-4 has once again pushed the entire AI sector to new heights, acting as an accelerator for the development of our increasingly digital-driven world.

In a time when human society urgently requires new types of infrastructure, technological advancements led by artificial intelligence have become mainstream. The rapid growth of the digital economy and intelligent society brings significant opportunities and challenges to humanity. Therefore, creating a new data infrastructure adaptable to the digital economy and intelligent society is of utmost importance. In response, WORLDCOIN (WDC), a public chain dedicated to providing comprehensive support for the widespread application of AI, has emerged, aiming to lay the foundation for the development of a future intelligent society.

WORLDCOIN: Facilitating the Innovative Integration into the AI Society

WORLDCOIN (WDC) is a public chain ecosystem grounded in AI technology. It actively cooperates with numerous leading enterprises and research institutions to explore the innovative integration of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and quantum computing technologies. WDC has built a self-evolving public chain, committed to providing comprehensive support for the wide application of AI, leading the revolution of artificial intelligence, and providing strong momentum for building a future intelligent society.

It is known that the core team of WDC consists of experts and scholars from fields such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and quantum computing, including individuals with experience at Stanford, MIT, Google, IBM, and Microsoft. Michael Lee serves as WDC's CEO and Chief Commander, with other core members including CTO David Wang, COO Jessica Tanaka, and CFO Rajesh Kumar.

WDC possesses a complete architecture and rules. In its current development phase, WDC's on-chain application planning includes digital identity (DID), digital wallets, trading platforms, and digital copyright, offering comprehensive support for the wide application of AI. Moreover, WDC focuses on AI technology incubation, carefully building a technology incubation center to guide and share resources with AI startups and developers, encouraging the emergence of innovative projects. Additionally, WDC actively explores quantum computing power and leads the evolution of computing power in AI application fields to achieve faster computation rates, higher efficiency, and reduced reliance on traditional hardware.

WDC has also established a global AI community, uniting thousands of AI dreamers and accurately interacting with AI users to increase the user base and business impact. An ecosystem fund has been established to provide developmental research funds for promising teams, promoting the robust development of artificial intelligence and blockchain through investments and acquisitions of high-quality projects.

Diversified Development, WORLDCOIN Leads the New AI Wave

Facing the current market trends, competition in the AI track has become intense. In this environment, WDC implements a global diversified coverage strategy, establishing a large-scale community with hundreds of thousands of members, developers, enterprises, and users across different regions and industries to ensure widespread information dissemination and promote diverse exchanges.

In market research, WDC provides entrepreneurs with precise market feedback, optimizes products, and achieves innovative development, also conducting resource integration and precise comprehensive strategies to promote excellent AI applications.

Technically, WDC has strong trusted data computation, establishing new technical institutions to empower AI applications:

- WAI-Artificial Intelligence System: capable of self-learning, self-adjusting, self-upgrading, and self-optimizing;

- WSP-Smart Contract Platform: capable of intelligent generation, verification, execution, and collaboration;

- WQC-Consensus Mechanism: featuring resistance to attacks, interference, integrity, fairness, and cooperativeness;

- WDS-Distributed Storage: efficient, secure, trusted, and intelligent;

- WCP-Cross-chain Protocol: interoperable, efficient, secure, intelligent, Fingerprint DID: unique, stable, secure, convenient.

Additionally, WDC boasts high performance, low cost, interoperability, and intelligent innovation advantages. WDC can process thousands of transactions per second with transaction confirmation in just seconds, and it calculates GAS fees based on the gold standard, significantly enhancing the public chain's security and universality. Moreover, through the cross-chain protocol, WDC also achieves transaction interoperability and liquidity across multiple chains, and it bases self-evolution and optimization on artificial intelligence.

Furthermore, WDC has launched cloud computing mining, allowing users to enjoy the rewards of the WDC ecosystem with flexible leasing terms and payment methods. WDC's cloud computing mining links the entire network's computing power, fairly distributes mining rewards, refines the allocation of sales funds, protects user rights, and ensures secure and stable mining under professional team management.


WDC's token is WORLD, with a total supply of 21,000,000. Of these, 90% of WORLD will be allocated for mining output, aimed at incentivizing miners to participate in network maintenance and block production. The remaining 10% will be used for ecosystem airdrops, to widen the token's distribution and promote the ecosystem's development.

WDC's output mechanism is 2 seconds/block, producing 43,200 blocks per day, with mining rewards of 0.115 per block during the founding stage, totaling 5000 per day. This allows initial miners to receive more rewards, encouraging their participation in the network's operation. One year after the genesis block is mined, the system will initiate a reduction mechanism, decreasing mining rewards by 10% per year, gradually slowing the inflation rate, helping to maintain the token's stable value while gradually achieving reasonable control and balance of token supply.

The basic uses of WORLD include: paying network transaction fees, participating in ecosystem governance voting, accessing on-chain services, and serving as a basic asset for transactions. During the process of artificial intelligence application development services, WORLD tokens can be used in the following three scenarios:

1. Developer Testing: Developers will consume some tokens for model training, reducing the required training time by 50%, to 90%, depending on the amount of tokens paid;

2. Dapp Usage: Dapps set up by developers as paid apps will require users to pay tokens to use these artificial intelligence services, such as apps predicting cryptocurrency trends;

3. AI Training Service Purchase: When using AI training services from third-party institutions to obtain more refined models, payment for training fees may be required, and WORLD can serve as the currency of payment.

WORLDCOIN NFT Development Plan

In response to market development, WDC has also launched its own NFT plan, providing more benefits and interests to WDC NFT holders. It is reported that WDC NFT will adopt a static pool method combined with online and offline sales. The first set of issuance will be 200, sold offline, and the second set will be 400, sold online in real-time, with users able to pay using 70% USDT + 30% WORLD.

Holders of WDC NFT will receive 50% of the Gas fee income dividend from the WDC chain, 10% of the cloud computing sales income dividend, and 10% of the artificial intelligence ecosystem profit dividend. Additionally, NFT holders will also have single-channel ecosystem airdrop rewards.

WORLDCOIN Future Development Blueprint

In WDC's plans, the WORLDCOIN mainnet will soon be launched, opening transactions and mining, introducing a variety of artificial intelligence applications, expanding the scope and impact of the WDC ecosystem, and improving market share and revenue levels. WDC will also continue to update and build a first-class team, design and develop the WDC chain, and use the artificial intelligence system to achieve self-evolution and optimization of the public chain. Catering to the wide needs of artificial intelligence applications, it will increase the brand influence and market share of the public chain.

With the advantage of its underlying technology, WDC provides a high-performance, cost-effective, intelligent, and interoperable technical platform for AI applications, ensuring strong technical support for innovation and breakthroughs in the AI field. A diverse range of on-chain applications, a dedicated ecosystem fund, and a technology incubation center provide rich ecological resources for AI applications. It is believed that soon, WDC will become a leader in AI blockchain, building a more fair, efficient, and prosperous artificial intelligence ecosystem.

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