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How employers and employees can benefit from mental wellness resources

(BPT) - If you're in charge of making the holiday magic happen, you could be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Between organizing gatherings, buying gifts and attending seasonal events, your holiday sparkle may be a little dim. And for many, personal tragedies and local, national and global conflict have made it difficult to feel the joy of the season.

Given all these stressors, it's critical to practice self-care so you can strengthen your well-being, which is the foundation for good mental health. Only when you take care of yourself will you have reserves to draw upon to take care of what needs to be done for your family and at work. While there are things you can do on your own to unwind and recharge, there are times when you'll need to tap into expert support.

Seeking out professional help may seem daunting, time consuming or inaccessible. The good news is you may already have mental wellness resources at your fingertips through your employer.

How your workplace can be a mental wellness resource

Many companies have prioritized employee mental wellness by incorporating counseling services into their Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and incorporating trusted clinical partners such as R3 Continuum. In fact, according to Deloitte, organizations with more than 20,000 employees have invested an average of $11 million a year in resources that drive health, well-being and productivity improvement. Typically, these services are available at no cost to the employee.

But even employees at small companies have resources. If you're not aware of or haven't used your employer-provided wellness resources, you're not alone. According to Deloitte, more than two-thirds of workers don't use the full value of well-being resources offered by their organization. But given how many waking hours Americans devote to their careers, it is becoming increasingly apparent that employers must support well-being at a greater scale, and the demand for mental wellness support has grown. Today, it is easier than ever to access licensed, experienced clinicians who can help employees manage uncertainties, stressors and anxieties, thanks to company leaders who recognize that they must support every employee's whole self.

Talk to your human resources team about the services offered by your employer. When you connect with a qualified mental health professional, you can feel more confident participating in holiday activities that offer familiarity and comfort, and truly embrace the season.

What employers can do to better support their teams

Resilient employees build, sustain and grow high-performance companies, but offering mental wellness resources isn't enough if employees aren't using them. To build an emotionally healthy and thriving work culture, employers should educate their teams to recognize early signs of behavioral health struggles and encourage them to use the resources provided.

Turning to trusted resources like R3 Continuum, experts in behavioral health and recovery after workplace disruption, makes it easy for employers to invest in their employees' mental well-being. By working with R3 Continuum, employers can fortify their current EAP to deliver a broad range of behavioral health services. Even members of the C-suite can benefit by accessing leadership coaching that helps executives build a sense of resilience and improve decision-making skills, empowering them to lead by example.

"There are several ways workplaces benefit from supporting the mental well-being of employees, such as decreased absenteeism and presenteeism, improved work satisfaction, improved work engagement, increased productivity, greater creativity and innovation, and the ability to retain and attract top talent," said Dr. George Vergolias, chief clinical officer at R3 Continuum, in an interview with Authority Magazine. "Workplace leaders have a choice to pay now by investing in a reasonable amount of time and resources to support the mental well-being of employees or pay later and squander an unreasonable amount of time and resources managing maladaptive behaviors."

During the holiday season and every day, tending to your personal well-being is vital. Ensure you are taking time to take care of you. Talk to your HR team about the mental wellness services offered through your workplace.

HR leaders and executives who want to offer clinical-level support and invest in wellness for everyone in the company can connect with R3 Continuum at

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