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                                    FORM  8-K

                                 CURRENT  REPORT

 Pursuant  to  section  13  or  15(d)  of  the  Securities  Exchange Act of 1934

                        Date  of  Report:  July  9,  2004
                       (Date  of  earliest  event  reported)

                             FORCE  PROTECTION,  INC.
           (Exact  name  of  Registrant  as  specified  in  its  charter)

          Colorado                    0-22273            84-1383888
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    (State  or               (Commission  File  Number)   (IRS  Employer
other  jurisdiction                                    of  incorporation)
Identification  No.)

                         2031  Avenue  B,  Building  44
                   North  Charleston,  South  Carolina  29405
               (Address  of  principal  executive  offices)  (Zip  Code)

  Registrant's  telephone  number,  including  area  code:  (843)  740-7015


As  part  of our Transparency Project, we held an open house for shareholders on
July  9,  2004  from 9 am until 12 am.  Eleven shareholders attended.  A partial
tour  of our facility was given that consisted of seeing the "mock-up" area, the
8  fabrication  and  the  8  integration  cells  and  the  paint  booth  area.

While  no  formal  presentation  was made, company officers responded to several
questions  posed  by shareholders attending the tour.  The following information
was  provided:

-    As we have previously stated, we still expect to deliver 21 Buffalos and 14
     Cougars  currently  on  order  during  the  third  and  fourth  quarters.
-    We  expect  to  report our second quarter data within 45 days after quarter
-    We  publicly report only executed contracts. We do not generally comment on
     potential  additional  business.
-    Part  of our business model is to provide customer interactive flexibility.
     Rather  than  providing  one standard product, we will design variations to
     meet  a  customer's  needs. As a result, there are multiple versions of the
-    To  our  knowledge,  we are the only American manufacturer of true mine and
     blast  protect  vehicles.
-    We  differentiate  our company from the competition by being the little guy
     doing  something  special  and  by  being  more  innovative.
-    We  are considering filing patents if the situation warrants. We currently
     have  a  few  potential designs for which we  may  ultimately  seek  patent
     protection.  For  example,  our electronic windows have had a warm response
     from  customers.  No  decisions  have  been  made  in  this  regard.
-    The  Department  of  Defense and NATO are an important part of our customer
     base  but,  of  course,  we  are  open  to  orders  from  other  sources.
-    We  will most likely have to raise additional financing to sustain our rate
     of  growth,  which  is  rapid.  This financing will likely take the form of
     equity  financing.  If  we  choose  to  do a privately-placed deal, we will
     probably sell shares of our common stock at some discount to market - as we
     have  done  in  the past. Another option is to borrow against our inventory
     and  receivables.
-    Our  industry  has  had a history of consolidation. Despite that trend, our
     business  plan  is  to  focus  on  internal  growth  and  create  value for
     shareholders.  We  are not "teeing up" the company up for sale. We are also
     not  interested  in  minority  positions and joint ventures. However, if we
     received  a  proposal  to  acquire  the  company or for another significant
     transaction,  we would evaluate whether the proposed transaction was in the
     best  interest of the shareholders. In most cases, before we could agree to
     be acquired or participate in another significant transaction, shareholders
     would  have  an  opportunity  to  vote  on  the  transaction.
-    In  the  past,  we  considered our manufacturing process to be similar to a
     workshop,  where  each  product was created individually. We now are making
     the  transition  to a true manufacturing company that focuses on delivering
     high  quality,  consistent  products  in  a  cost-efficient  manner.
-    We  currently  have an adequate supply of steel, however we can not predict
     how  available  steel will be in the future. We buy steel directly from the
-    Our  vehicles  have  taken  IED  and anti-tank mine hits. To our knowledge,
     there have been no personnel causalities in the use of any of our products.
     Our  definition  of  "mine  protected" and "blast protected" is "no serious
     injury  to  personnel  and  the  vehicle  can  be  repaired and returned to
-    Full capacity monthly volume production for the area currently occupied was
     stated at 16 units. We are currently operating a second shift with 65 to 70
     non-union  hourly  employees.  We  have  a  total  workforce  of  105.
-    Technical Solutions Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of Force Protection,
-    We  believe  the  Marines  will be doing phase 2 testing of the Cougar this
-    We  expect  to  lease  another  building of 142,000 square feet in the same
     facility in which we currently lease space. We believe the extra space will
     give  us  the  ability  to  produce  up  to  500  vehicles  per  year.
-    The  "e" status on our ticker symbol was due to a dropped attachment on our
     10-KSB.  We  use  an  outside  contractor  to  make our SEC filings and the
     contractor  made  the error. We amended the 10-KSB as soon as we discovered
     the dropped attachment. As a result of the error, we hired a new contractor
     to  make  our  SEC  filings.
-    We  do  not  know  how  the  upcoming presidential election will affect the
     company.  Although  all  of  our  orders  were  placed  during  the  Bush
     administration,  we  note that John Kerry has stated his intention to build
     up  the  military.
-    We did not receive $7 million up-front money from the Department of Defense
     for either of the current contracts. We state in our press releases and SEC
     filings  the  status of our contracts and will continue to do so as we have

This  report  contains  forward-looking  statements,  including  statements
regarding,  among  other items, our business strategies, continued growth in our
markets,  projections,  and  anticipated  trends  in  our  business  and  the
industry  in  which  we  operate.  The words "believe," "expect,"  "anticipate,"
"intends,"  "forecast,"  "project,"  and  similar  expressions  identify
forward-looking  statements.  These forward-looking statements are based largely
on  our  expectations  and  are  subject to a number of risks and uncertainties,
certain  of  which  are  beyond our control.  We caution that  these  statements
are  further  qualified  by  important factors that could cause  actual  results
to  differ  materially from those in the forward-looking statements,  including,
among  others,  the  following:  reduced  or  lack of increase in demand for our
products,  competitive  pricing  pressures,  changes  in  the  market  price  of
materials  used  in  our  products  and  the  level  of expenses incurred in our
operations.  In  light  of  these  risks  and uncertainties, the forward-looking
information  contained herein may not in fact transpire or prove to be accurate.
We do not intend to update any forward-looking statements, except as required by


Pursuant to the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended,
the  Registrant  has  duly  caused this report to be signed on its behalf by the
undersigned  hereunto  duly  authorized.

                                       FORCE  PROTECTION,  INC.

Date:  July  19,  2004                   By:     /s/  Michael  Watts
                                              Name:  Michael  Watts
                                              Title:  Chief  Executive  Officer