Pricing Supplement

Filed Pursuant to Rule 424(b)(3)
Registration No. 333-155429



Title of Each Class of Securities Offered   Maximum Aggregate Offering Price   Amount of Registration Fee

Senior Debt Securities

  $120,000,000   $6,696


(To Prospectus dated November 18, 2008 and

Prospectus Supplement dated November 18, 2008)


Medium-Term Notes, Series A – Floating Rate

CUSIP# 69373UAC1

(the “Notes”)

We are hereby offering to sell Notes having the terms specified below to you with the assistance of:

¨ Banc of America Securities LLC

¨ Barclays Capital Inc.

¨ Citigroup Global Markets Inc.

x Other: Goldman, Sachs & Co.

acting as x principal ¨ agent

at: ¨ varying prices related to prevailing market prices at the time of resale x a fixed initial public offering price of 100% of the Principal Amount.


Principal Amount: $120,000,000      Original Issue Date:   September 16, 2009
Agent’s Discount or Commission: 0.25%      Final Maturity Date:   September 14, 2012
Net Proceeds to Company: $119,700,000      Interest Payment Date(s):   March 14, June 14, September 14 and December 14, commencing December 14, 2009

Calculation Agent:

Interest Calculation:


x Regular Floating Rate Note


¨ Floating Rate/Fixed Rate Note
Fixed Rate Commencement Date:
Fixed Interest Rate:

¨ Inverse Floating Rate Note
Fixed Interest Rate:


¨ Other Floating Rate Note (see attached)


Initial Interest Reset Date: September 14, 2009

Interest Reset Date(s): March 14, June 14, September 14 and December 14

Interest Rate Basis:


¨ CD Rate


¨ Federal Funds Rate


¨ Prime Rate

¨ Commercial Paper Rate




¨ Treasury Rate

¨ CMT Rate


Designated LIBOR Page:


¨ Other (see attached)

¨ Reuters Page FRBCMT


x Reuters Page LIBOR 01


¨ Reuters Page FEDCMT


¨ Reuters Page LIBOR 02


If Reuters Page FEDCMT:


Designated LIBOR Currency:


¨ Weekly Average


¨ Monthly Average


Index Maturity: 3 Month LIBOR

Spread (+/-): +1.174%

Spread Multiplier: N/A

Maximum Interest Rate: N/A

Minimum Interest Rate: N/A

Day Count Convention:


  ¨ 30/360 for the period from              to             .


  x Actual/360 for the period from September 16, 2009 to September 14, 2012.


  ¨ Actual/Actual for the period from              to             .



  x The Notes may not be redeemed prior to the Maturity Date.


  ¨ The Notes may be redeemed at our option prior to Maturity Date.

Initial Redemption Date:

Initial Redemption Percentage:       %

Annual Redemption Percentage Reduction:       % until Redemption Percentage is 100% of the Principal Amount.


  ¨ The Notes shall be redeemed by us prior to the Maturity Date (see attached).



  x The Notes may not be repaid prior to the Maturity Date.


  ¨ The Notes may be repaid prior to the Maturity Date at the option of the holder of the Notes.

Option Repayment Date(s):


Specified Currency: USD (If other than U.S. dollars see attached)

Minimum Denominations: $2,000 and integral multiples of $1,000 in excess thereof

Exchange Rate Agent:                                               (Applicable only if Specified Currency is other than U.S. dollars)

If Discount Note, check ¨

Issue Price:       %

Form: x Book-Entry              ¨ Certificated

Other Provisions: N/A