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North Carolina Constitutional Economist Earns 5-Star Book Review from Literary Titan

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North Carolina Constitutional Economist Earns 5-Star Book Review from Literary TitanLaurie Thomas Vass, of Gabby Press, earned a 5-star book review from Literary Titan, a scholarly organization of professional editors, writers, and professors, for her book, Reclaiming the American Democratic Impulse. ( 2023.).

Literary Titan’s review stated,

“Vass presents a comprehensive analysis of the political climate in the United States, past and present, and the nation’s future. The author offers an unfiltered and unbiased view of the Constitution, laws, policy-making, and the legacy left by politicians. In the introduction, Vass discusses President Obama, providing highlights from Mark Levin’s book, The Liberty Amendment, which offers a fascinating discussion on socialism.”

Vass noted that,

“My intent in writing this book is to provide citizens with a coherent strategy for overcoming the dysfunction in the current United States government and resolving the irreconcilable cultural differences in American society. The primary idea presented in the book is that the political and economic history of America provides examples of how more citizen-participatory democracy would be a better solution than the centralized ruling class elite decision-making model currently in operation. In other words, the best solution is more citizen democracy, not less.”

Literary Titan’s book review concludes,

“Chapter six, in particular, is a standout chapter, where Vass offers a comprehensive breakdown of why she wrote the book, what it means to reclaim the American democratic impulse, its components, and how it affects the political climate. The final chapter is equally thought-provoking and summarizes the author’s thoughts on democracy in America…readers will have a sober understanding of the Obama legacy, be able to analyze constitutional amendments and comprehend why representation from impartial figures matters. This book is excellent for patriotic individuals and those interested in matters of public leadership.”

In her Literary Titan author interview, she was asked, What is the next book that you are working on?

Vass replied,

“I just published my most recent book in April 2023, titled George Mason's America: The State Sovereignty Alternative to Madison's Centralized Ruling Class Aristocracy, The book offers a synthesis of the radical individualistic ideology of George Mason, the methodology of constitution creation of James Buchanan, of George Mason University, and the principles of entrepreneurial capitalism of Joseph Schumpeter. My intent in writing this book is to offer a strategy for forming a new nation based upon the ideology of liberty of George Mason and Thomas Jefferson.”

About Gabby Press:

Gabby Press is the imprint publishing company of books written by Laurie Thomas Vass. Gabby is short for The Great American Business & Economics Press. The political ideology of Gabby books is natural rights conservative.

About Literary Titan:

Literary Titan is an organization of professional editors, writers, and professors that have a passion for the written word. We review fiction and non-fiction books in many different genres, as well as conduct author interviews, and recognize talented authors. Literary Titan provides unbiased, informative, and engaging book reviews and has over 70,000 followers on the internet.

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