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Kartago Brings The Highly Appreciated Variety Of Dates: The Peerless Deglet Noor

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The company offers high-quality exquisitely dates passed through strict quality control at affordable rates.

Located in the heart of Djerid Oasis, Horchani Dattes is a renowned family-owned company. Since its founding, the company has established the largest plantation of date palms in the Tunisian Sahara. Over the past several years under its flagship brand Kartago, the company has been offering Deglet Noor dates in different typesas the heir to an ancestral tradition handed down from generation to generation within the Horchani family, which has grown several varieties of ancient dates for over two centuries. Today, s North America's largest supplier of pitted deglet noor dates, Kartago Dates offers both retail and industrial line at very competitive rates.

Kartago Dates is an organic dates supplier with processing units fitted with sophisticated and ultra-modern equipment that treats millions of tons of the highest quality dates in the world and a farming unit that looks after pollinating the dates, irrigating them, and picking them manually. With a commitment to being the world's largest date supplier, the company strives to offer high-end, unique dates in appearance, taste, aroma, and quality.

"Kartago brings you the most appreciated variety of dates in the world, the peerless Deglet Noor. The Horchani family has been devoted, since the 19th century, to growing several varieties of thousand-year-old dates characteristic to the region. Our organic Tunisian dates are unique in appearance, taste, aroma, and quality, which rank as some of the best in the world today," says Fares Horchani, the CEO of Kartago Dates.

Moreover, in addition to offering organic Deglet Noor Dates, the company is dedicated to offering dates in a wide variety, including Pitted Dates, Date Sugar, Date Syrup, Diced/Chopped Dates, Date Paste, Date Nut Rolls, and Pops. The company also supplies wholesale dates and date ingredients in bulk to large food manufacturers. 

In addition to maintaining strict quality control throughout the production process, the company emphasizes their ultramodern equipment of its industrial processing facilities and its high-quality standards. Being the largest date supplier, Kartago Dates has large production capabilities that exceeds 26.5M lb. annually to more than 50 countries on all five continents. The company is also 100% committed to our climate. It embraces environment responsibility by reducing its energy consumption as low as possible through solar panels, water purification and high efficient equipment.

The company has won numerous awards such as ProAct Best Fruit in 2015, Forbes' 30 Under 30 nominee for Food and Drink in 2021 and being named to Inc5000's list of the fastest US companies in 2019 for being highly reputable and providing top-notch services for centuries.

"Kartago Dates has offices and cold storage in the US, Germany, Tunisia, and soon, Asia. As a company, Kartago’s reputation relies primarily on the ultra-modern equipment of its industrial processing facilities and the high quality of its products and a top-notch customer service. All of its facilities are certified BRC and ISF (highest grade), ISO, Global Gap, Social SMETA, Kosher, and Organic," adds the CEO.

About The Company:

Kartago Dates is known for offering high-quality, organic and unique dates across different regions of the world for many years.

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Company Name: Kartago Dates
Contact Person: Fares Horchani – Founder and CEO
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