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Director Cameron personally answered in Zhihu: “Avatar 2” is a love letter to his family

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On December 26th, Avatar 2: The Way of Water premiered. Since the premiere, it has been widely concerned by fans at home and abroad, and the discussion about the film continues to ferment in social media. In response to the concerns of fans, director James Cameron was invited by China Zhihu Platform to give a long pro-answer, telling the unknown story behind the film creation.


Cameron said, "Avatar 2: The Way of Water" is an adventure, full of emotion, more than the previous one. It is a touching story about family, a love letter to family, which shows how family can make a person stronger. This is not a movie that instills information into the audience's brain, but requires the audience to feel the ocean.

"I think it pays more attention to the changes of characters and relationships than the first film, and conveys my love for the ocean through wonders". Cameron said that the first "Avatar" tells the story of two protagonists falling in love, while the second film discusses the issue of ocean development, mainly about Jack and Neytiri (parents of five children) trying to protect their families and deal with the new threats facing Pandora. They sought refuge from the marine Menkalinan tribe and learned how to survive in the water.

"The ocean means a lot to me. Even before I met the ocean, I was full of love for the ocean. I learned scuba diving in a remote place in Canada, and I love its symbolic meaning". Director Cameron repeatedly expressed his special feelings for the ocean in Zhihu. He said, subconsciously, we all think that the ocean is like a mother. At least by making this film, I can give back from the perspective of marine environmental protection. "Avatar 2" combines the two loves of my life: the film and the ocean narrated by pictures".

Cameron's works are often the most expensive and ambitious big productions. After the release of Avatar 2, the breakthrough innovation in film production technology has once again been enthusiastically sought after by both inside and outside the industry. In Zhihu, netizens' discussion on movie special effects is professional, in-depth and rich. Faced with the curiosity of netizens, Cameron elaborated on the shooting techniques in a large amount of words.

"If the current film-making technology can't achieve the desired effect, we must create our own technology". Cameron said that when the first Avatar was made, it brought a huge technological leap in performance capture photography. "Now through Avatar 2, my team and I have once again achieved creative technology. This is how we shot it, and our team will always give 110% effort. We have integrated films such as Titanic and Top Gun: Maverick into this series, and we have a strong and unconstrained style."

Cameron said that the key to the filming of Avatar 2 is to shoot on the seabed and sea surface to show people swimming freely in the sea. "That is to say, actors should jump out of the water or dive into the water freely in their own way, and it is very realistic, because it really comes from real actions."

"We let every actor receive good water training and use a very safe and systematic way for them to learn diving". Cameron said, we went to Hawaii, and let every actor do free diving training while scuba diving.

Shooting 3D underwater means that the camera options are three times as many as those of ordinary cameras, making it difficult to operate. "But the beauty of it is that if you can solve the water problem, then you don't have to worry about it anymore. You can shoot anything related to water and do whatever you want". Cameron said with a little mystery.


At the end of the answer, Cameron said to the fans, "The more doubts you throw away, the more you can swim in the fantasy world. Let's join hands and leap into Pandora together."

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