Antonio Visconti, Founder - CEO of SOBEREYE, Set to Speak at the National Safety Council's Work to Zero Summit Feb. 25

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Antonio Visconti founder and CEO of SOBEREYE with the mobile SOBEREYE testing device

Impairment Testing Saves Lives!

Menlo Park, California Feb 22, 2021 ( - Antonio Visconti, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of SOBEREYE, will be delivering a "Tech Talk" on the topic of "Portable Device and Software Solutions" at the National Safety Council's Work to Zero 2021 Summit on Thursday, February 25th at 2:30 p.m. Central Time.

"Impairment testing saves lives," Visconti said, in previewing his remarks for Thursday's presentation. "Ninety percent of accident reports indicate human error as a contributing cause, but human error is not a cause, it's a consequence: Impairment due to fatigue, alcohol, drugs, and medications is a major contributor to workplace accidents. SOBEREYE helps to get the employees safely back to their family after a hard-working day."

The upcoming virtual Work to Zero Summit, on the topic of "Digital Transformation in Safety," brings together environmental, health and safety (EHS) management professionals, research, and technology solutions leaders in the manufacturing, construction, and service sectors for a landmark event, the first of its kind to be focused solely on the intersection of safety and emerging technology.

Virtual attendees will hear from "envelope-pushing" organizations who are strategically leveraging technology, explore groundbreaking new research on the most promising approaches to eliminating death in the workplace, and network with like-minded peers to generate new insights and ideas. 

"What got me interested in detecting workplace impairment was when I realized that the marijuana legalization trend in the United States and elsewhere was clearly challenging the way businesses approached the issue of workplace drug use," said Visconti. "I live in California, and this problem captured my imagination. I was inspired by seeing police officers looking at people's eyes to check for intoxication. I started thinking about the problem - how do you check an employee to see if they are tired if they are intoxicated if they are on a prescription that impairs their ability to work safely or affects the safety of those around them. It must be more than just a drug test; however, it also must consider privacy, security, and safety. You want your employees to be safe on the job, and you also want them to be able to go home at the end of the day to their families. I began investigating the use of mobile phone technology to make accurate and objective Pupillary Light Reflex measurements to detect impairment, and in that process, I founded SOBEREYE."

The SOBEREYE system that Visconti developed in collaboration with experts in neuroscience, ophthalmology, image processing, and iris recognition. SOBEREYE provides an innovative solution to detect the risk of impairment on the job, when it matters most, to save lives.

SOBEREYE's mobile self-test and cloud-based data platform measure a workers' impairment risk in real-time, on-the-job, with a one-minute self-test. The company's technology is based on the science of Pupillary Light Reflex analysis to determine the neurological state of an individual and predict impairment risk. A subscription-based service, the SOBEREYE platform includes testing devices, cloud-based enterprise software, training, and support. The service is built on leading data analytics tools to provide actionable information for implementing countermeasures when a risk is identified.

"Look at SOBEREYE like a hardhat. A hardhat is the most accepted, recognized piece of safety equipment in the workplace. Nobody questions its usefulness. But a hardhat does not prevent an object from falling, doesn't prevent you from hitting your head against something, but it prevents the consequence of anything of that nature from hurting you," Visconti said. "SOBEREYE is used to prevent someone who is impaired due to fatigue, alcohol, and drugs from entering the workplace in a condition that may cause an accident. We want SOBEREYE to be as universal as the hardhat in the safety-conscious workplace."

Debuting in the market in early 2018, SOBEREYE focuses primarily on customers in the transportation, construction, mining, and industrial sectors. By focusing on ease of use and cost-effectiveness, SOBEREYE has the mission to save lives by making workplace impairment risk testing a standard practice for all safety-sensitive companies.

Additional information and registration for the Work to Zero Summit is available at


Launched in Silicon Valley in 2015, SOBEREYE helps companies prevent workplace accidents by measuring impairment risk on the job when it matters most. Around 90 percent of workplace accident reports indicate human error as a contributing cause. However, human error is a consequence, not a cause. Fatigue, alcohol, and drugs are among the major contributors to accidents associated with human error. SOBEREYE's one-minute, the self-administered test can save lives in the workplace. Additional information is available at

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