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Aaron Rodriguez explains how to increase business sales through better customer service

By: WebWire

In today's market, there is increasing competition surrounding a brand and securing a customer has become a complicated task for companies. Consumers, more than a product, are looking for an experience and this process starts at the point of sale, where the first contact between the customer and the brand takes place. Every businessman uses different marketing strategies to make it known and thus increase sales. There is a very effective tool to achieve this goal and it is customer service. Aaron Rodriguez, a business optimization expert, explains how successful customer service is a powerful way to make sales go through the roof.

Customer service is all those activities and strategies used to keep buyers satisfied. A satisfied customer can be the most powerful advertisement for any business, regardless of its size. That advertising translates into two things: loyalty and new buyers. So, this means that customer service contributes to increased sales.

Years ago, customer service was based on the attention given to customers when they visited the business. This was meant to clarify their doubts about the product or service they wanted to purchase. Also, recommending or offering them those that adapted to their needs was an option.

It also involved responses to claims, complaints or suggestions that were made verbally or through letters. All this is to keep customers happy and earn their preference. Now, with technological advances and the arrival of the Internet, customer service has evolved. There are more and more advanced strategies to put it into practice.

An example of this are web pages, where companies offer valuable information about the product or service they offer. In addition to providing potential customers the opportunity to ask questions, and make complaints and suggestions.

These digital portals are complemented by e-mails and, of course, social networks. All this is made available to customers to make them feel that their opinion is important. Working to serve them and provide them with an excellent shopping experience was important, as well.

“Whether in person or digital, a satisfied customer can be the best marketing strategy and contribute significantly to increasing our sales,” Rodriguez explains. “When a person experiences excellent customer service and is well taken care of, they will be willing to buy more. In addition, they will be more likely to pay the cost of what we offer without question.”

When a customer receives good service, he is unlikely to go to a competitor. On the contrary, he will become a regular consumer of your product or service, that is, a loyal customer.

In general, if a person receives good customer service, he/she will not hesitate to recommend your business. This will undoubtedly attract more customers since it is well known that many consumers make their purchases based on third-party recommendations.

“The customer usually expresses his satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the service provided. Either verbally or through digital platforms and social networks. Logically, if they are happy with the way we treated them, the doubts we clarified and how we dealt with their claims or complaints, they will say so. In this way, he will project our image positively and our sales will go up,” Rodriguez assures.

Providing good customer service generates consumer sympathy with your company. So it is likely to provide ideas to solve a fault and improve our service, and by improving it, sales will increase.

Now that you know how customer service can increase sales, you may wonder how you can implement this tool. Start by getting a good CRM.

Customer Relationship Management is an excellent tool for getting to know your customers. Thanks to it you can be aware of important dates for them (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) and you can offer them special deals. You will also be aware of what their needs are to satisfy them and you will be able to have direct and personal contact with them.

When a customer makes a complaint or claim through any medium, get in touch with him. Listen to him and take an interest in the problem that caused his dissatisfaction. Once you are aware of everything, offer a solution.

This solution can range from a refund to advice on a next purchase, so that it fits their needs. It is certainly a good way to transform a negative experience into something positive, and the customer will be grateful.

“It has become clear how important customer service is to the sales process of any business. While it may seem costly to execute, if done efficiently, the gains will be enormous. In fact, you could even replace other marketing strategies with it,” Rodriguez concludes.

About Aaron Rodriguez

Aaron Rodriguez is an expert eCommerce consultant in Latin America. He helps businesses throughout the region optimize all of their eCommerce operations to increase sales and retain customers, and also has extensive experience in the development of strategic and external alliances to promote departmental and organizational objectives. He has traveled extensively throughout Latin America to assist a number of companies and, when he's not traveling, he dedicates all of his available time to his wife and children.

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