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NFTBOX joins hands with the gaming community to create a new ecosystem for mining NFT collection transactions

In the past two years, I believe that you have seen a lot of NFT news events, from NBA star Curry to buy Bored Ape Yacht Club works and replace them with Twitter avatars, to Justin Sun’s purchase of Tpunk#3442 with 120 million TRX, worth about 10.5 million US dollars, On January 1, 2022, the trend art digital entertainment platform Ezek and Jay Chou’s brand PHANTACi released the first NFT project Phanta Bear (Phantom Bear). In just 40 minutes, 10,000 Phanta Bears were sold out, with a total value of more than 62 million yuan . On April 1, 2022, Jay Chou posted on social media that the NFT commodity he held was stolen by a phishing website, and according to the address of the stolen NFT, the NFT commodity changed hands many times and finally sold. The price of about 3 million yuan. On June 23, 2022, Binance Smart Chain signed a multi-year agreement with Cristiano Ronaldo for the production and distribution rights of Cristiano Ronaldo-themed NFTs. Ronaldo has 459 million followers on Instagram, and the partnership sees Ronaldo join a Web3 league of high-profile footballers, including Brazil’s Neymar and British defender Reece James. With the participation of these top stars, NFT has also attracted many people to invest in it.

NFT-BOX is an intelligent DPOS authorization rights mechanism platform for mining based on DAPP decentralized wallets empowered by decentralized autonomous communities. The NFT-BOX code will all be open sourced, making it truly transparent on the chain. It aims to popularize the trend dividend of the NFT digital age to every ordinary person. NFT-BOX will allow investors to obtain safer and more convenient high mining income through the original on-chain equity mechanism mining and distribution method, while meeting the increasingly diversified needs of digital currency investors. NFT-BOX will open up its layout in the future, including yuan The multi-scenario ecology including Cosmos, DAO, Blind Box, and SWAP has built a world-class cryptocurrency professional trading financial service social system. Game community is one of the world’s outstanding blockchain industry communities. Game has more than 200 partners, 5000+ individual members, more than 50 reserve strategic cooperation institutions, and holds nearly 100 blockchain sharing activities of various sizes. There are countless activities such as project roadshows, technology sharing and exchange meetings, capital docking, DAPP international competitions, high-end cocktail parties, and forums. The gaming community was established in 2018. The purpose of the community is to select high-quality projects, analyze market conditions, and serve to achieve community members. This joint cooperation in NFT-BOX also marks the comprehensive layout of the gaming community in the DPOS mining model NFT digital collection investment new ecology, and community members will fully participate in this action. Let us wish the NFT-BOX platform to develop smoothly and break through tens of millions of users as soon as possible.

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