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Statter Network has completed financing worth of tens of millions of US dollars led by Holo Metaverse

Statter Network, a platform of public blockchain characterized by the metaverse, recently announced through its official media platform that it had received investments worth of tens of millions of US dollars. This round of investments was led by Holo Foundation Inc, a subsidiary of Holo Metaverse Group Inc, and would be used to speed up the development of technology, business ecosystem and team talents, among other aspects.

This round of financing of Statter Network took place in 2022. During the past year, the metaverse experienced remarkable performance in the global market. Based on the statistical report released by ITJUZI, there were 704 commercial financing transactions involving the metaverse around the globe throughout the year of 2022, with a total amount of financing reaching a record high of more than USD 12.8 billion. It is expected that the total amount of financing related to the metaverse will further increase in 2023.

The constantly increasing investments of capital institutions and the advancements of numerous top enterprises including Meta, Microsoft, Google and Intel have further laid a solid foundation for the metaverse industry, and injected impetus to its accelerated development. In the next decade, the metaverse industry is expected to lead the global scientific and technological development as the Internet did over the past decades and become the next phenomenal invention.

As the world’s first platform applicable to the metaverse ecosystem, Statter is committed to providing a complete set of services for developers, users and creators of the metaverse, and aims to build high-performance and highly secure infrastructure of the metaverse. This round of increased financing is of great significance to Statter Network.

From the aspect of the capital market, there have been a total of only 704 financing transactions in varying metaverse projects around the globe, including the investment in Statter Network. These investments have shown the high recognition of the metaverse industry by the capital market. Statter takes the decentralized technology as the starting point for the development of the metaverse. As the pioneer in the drag-and-drop public blockchain technology, it has established a multi-layer network structure with high cohesion and low coupling, thus providing highly efficient underlying support for diversified operation of applications and complex processing of classified data.

As another highlight of technologies, Statter will also integrate the plug-in application market of the metaverse, and connect infrastructure including 3D engine, Geographic Information System (GIS), edge computing, edge rendering, decentralized storage, digital twin, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision to the plug-in application market, so that developers no longer need to conduct any development of interface, and all plug-ins will support instant use of applications.

From the aspect of Statter itself, the added inflow of capital has made great contributions to the metaverse sector, injecting strong impetus for the overall development of the Statter project. As the pioneer of the public blockchain of the metaverse, Statter has always been at the forefront of the field. It is hard to develop many advanced underlying technologies, and constant efforts need to be made in trials and errors as well as improvements, thus incurring significant costs to the project in numerous aspects, including the integration and upgrading of terminal access development, cloud computing, 3D engine, decentralized storage technology and AI. The design and construction of the business ecosystem related to the metaverse, coupled with the added investments worth of tens of millions of US dollars, are expected to fend off financial risks of the project and constitute acts of icing on the cake, thus putting project high on the agenda.

The investments of Holo Metaverse Group Inc in Statter Network is also of epoch-making significance.

As the pioneer of enabling the development of the whole industry, Holo Group has a special interest in the metaverse industry. It started the development of the metaverse industry as early as a decade ago. However, since the basic technology and related concepts of the metaverse have yet to take root in people’s minds, the development of the metaverse industry is rather slow. Until the arrival of the era of the metaverse, Holo Group decided to fully invest in the development of the metaverse, and selected the Statter Network project with huge potential among numerous metaverse projects around the globe. The positioning of metaverse infrastructure coincides with Holo Group’s approach of empowering the whole industry.

After Holo Group’s completion of the investments in Statter, it will provide all-round support to Holo Group from such aspects as technology, ecosystem and business development. In other words, Statter Network provides the foundation and serves as an indispensable part of the ecosystem of Holo Metaverse. With the support of Statter Network, Holo Group will speed up the development of industrial services related to the metaverse in varying regions around the world, and challenge the major manufacturers of metaverse with a new look of the Holo Metaverse. In addition, the Group strives to grow into the first stock of the global metaverse industry in a few years.

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