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Open up new traffic formats, TTOK builds a global mutual wealth platform

In the new situation of skyrocketing traffic on short video platforms, the digital age is driving the development of the social economy with the characteristics of convenience, mass, and high interactivity. In the era of 5G Internet celebrity economy and self-media, the restriction of Internet speed has been completely eliminated, everyone can fully display their talents, more people have their own independent creative labels, live broadcasts and short videos have ushered in rapid development, and the Internet celebrity economy has become more Thrive.

TTOK is an APP software developed by the American CH BAR CETTLE company. It is based on the TIKTOK platform, uses big data processing and AI algorithm recommendation technology, and combines 5G TV commerce, sharing economy, free economy, social e-commerce, Internet celebrity economy, common prosperity and other innovations Model, by becoming an internet celebrity, helping merchants to gather attention, increase fans, become popular, and increase the exposure of merchants, TTOK has created an application APP for wealth creation and precise consumption that really allows people to participate.

Aggregate social idle labor, solve some employment and entrepreneurship problems, and become a platform to relieve social employment pressure. TTOK is not only a technology, but also a social behavior system based on network and machine trust. It represents an ecological architecture, a civilian power with exclusive data privileges for traffic, and a form of wealth expansion in the future.

The Internet opens up new thinking for human beings, and it also subverts the way of communication. Everyone is a disseminator of information, and everyone is a receiver of information. It is not restricted by media, and is not restricted by time and space, within the scope permitted by law. Not bound by the audit, spread freely anytime, anywhere.

In this era of big data traffic, where there is demand, there will be business opportunities. When we are playing Tik Tok, have you ever thought that a like we don’t care about can also generate economic value. TTOK traffic demand and the matching channel provided, both parties to the transaction independently complete tasks and reward rewards, and solve some employment and entrepreneurship problems by aggregating idle labor in the society.

With the help of the platform’s global media resources and capital advantages, TTOK has launched a new ecological alliance of “socialization + wealth inheritance”. Based on the community and self-media associations, the scattered social network data can be transformed into valuable data, and the realization of private Conversion, appreciation and realization of domain traffic.

Taking traffic as the fuse, detonating differentiated exploration, finding the positioning of all users, and completing the sincere link between customers and users are the keys to truly determine the vitality of the platform. TTOK effectively builds a traffic asset + transaction system, providing new ways and new ways for private domain traffic profit in the Internet era.

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