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Ayaran ecological platform is about to be officially launched, shocking the world!

In the era of global DEFI, the Ayaran ecological platform is becoming the leader. The DEFI wave hits wildly, and Ayaran Ecology will become a strong backing for investors.

The latest news, the highly anticipated Ayaran ecological platform will be officially launched on June 21, 2022. The launch of the Ayaran ecological platform empowers the Defi industry to change, helps community members enjoy the dividends of industry development, spreads the spirit of DAO decentralization, and facilitates the growth of the blockchain ecosystem.

2022 is an important first year for the outbreak of the DEFI outlet. The market’s enthusiasm for DEFI continues to rise, and the DEFI track continues to be popular. The Ayaran ecological platform is committed to creating a blockchain ecological multi-functional integration platform to provide global users with application ecology such as pledge lending, Defi, A.swap, NFT mining, LP liquidity pledge mining, and high-quality project IDO channels. Provide global users with more compliant, efficient, honest and fair, professional and high-quality advanced financial products.

First, What is the Ayaran Ecological Platform?

The Ayaran encrypted ecological launch platform is developed based on the BSC chain, and its applications cover ecological matrices such as Defi, A.swap, NFT pledge token incentives, LP liquidity dividends, and high-quality project IDO channels. Among them, DeFi is its most important component. Using the innovative mechanism of the defi project “Ninth Wonder” to enable the vigorous development of decentralized finance is the core competitiveness of the Ayaran encrypted ecological launch platform.

Ayaran blockchain multi-functional integrated encrypted ecological launch platform has been initially formed. Ayaran has the world’s advanced blockchain technology, and has built the most cutting-edge DeFi centralized financial ideas through a unique governance mechanism, built a “Ninth Wonder” liquidity NFT pledge token incentive platform, and reconstructed a global trusted ecosystem.

“Ayaran-Ninth Wonder” is the core ecological part of the Ayaran encrypted ecological launch platform. “Ninth Wonder” is to be a “decentralized trust perpetual motion machine” in the blockchain world, leading the development of DeFi through Autostaking Protocol and LAP technology. “Ninth Wonder” has five unique mechanisms in the world: transaction mechanism, risk prevention mechanism, compound interest mechanism, linkage mechanism and destruction mechanism. Users will not only get APY576.561% of AYA, but also get BYA that will rise forever, which is created by AYARAN “Ninth Wonder”.

Second, what is the vision and mission of the Ayaran ecological platform?

Ayaran’s mission is to create a “decentralized trust perpetual motion machine” and establish a decentralized open blockchain protocol to ensure the transparency of the consensus algorithm and the clarity of the contract, so as to demonstrate the collective wisdom through the democratic decision-making process and promote The burgeoning development of the crypto sector in turn enriches the global crypto ecosystem.

Third, the current global market popularity of Ayaran

At present, Ayaran is very popular around the world, and the official has not officially started substantive marketing. With its own perfect advantages, it has won the attention and active promotion of more than 30 overseas bloggers and celebrities. The first airdrop event of the 3000 winners has attracted global attention. The enthusiastic participation of 23,000 people. At that time, the launch of the project and the platform of the chain game will also attract more new members to join. Ayaran, an airdrop feast that is enough to make the market carnival, can not ignore the traffic and popularity brought by it.

The Ayaran airdrop activity has injected great vitality into the Ayaran ecosystem, allowing the Ayaran ecosystem to re-emerge in many encrypted projects. It is worth noting that Ayaran’s airdrop feast has also brought many benefits to other projects in the ecosystem.

However, for the rookie project Ayaran, the emergence of these popularity is naturally through Ayaran’s official professional marketing promotion. In 2022, when the market is the most impetuous, Ayaran has been developing ecological improvement, and innovation in the ecosystem has achieved continuous growth, but this is obviously not the end.

Fourth, the planning route of the Ayaran platform

The Ayaran encrypted ecological incubation platform is the entrance of aggregated traffic. Ayaran is the only project in the DeFi circle that is an ecological platform. Only with strong ecology can there be unlimited room for growth. At the same time, the Ayaran ecology has its own hematopoietic internal circulation function, and a virtuous circle creates the strongest “Ninth” in the currency circle. Wonder”.

The mechanism is to realize the internal circulation of the platform economic system, thereby enabling the stable development of the ecology. There is an inseparable relationship between the mechanism of Ayaran and the ecological development of the entire project. The purpose is to let users participate in order to obtain benefits, and hope that the project will have long-term and stable liquidity. What is the ecological planning and roadmap of Ayaran?

June: Incubation and launch of the first chain game “Fishing”

July: Launch your own decentralized exchange

August: Launched the second chain game and opened the DAO voting function.

September: Open chain lending.

October: Aggregator opens.

Five, Ayaran shocked the world after its launch

Ayaran ecological platform is about to be officially launched, shocking the world! The Ayaran ecosystem will continue to prosper and grow, realizing the complete decentralization of Ayaran. In the future, Ayaran will continue to empower the entire DeFi ecosystem and provide users with better products and experiences. Ayaran Ecology will lead the new hotspot of DeFi 2.0+Dao+web3.0, and share the innovation brought by blockchain with users! Together with global investors, create a blockchain economic community!

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