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Toddler Table Combats Pandemic Learning Loss

By: NewsUSA

(NewsUSA) -- The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has reshaped education in many ways, especially for young children and their families.

Many preschoolers who used to receive not only academic, but also social/emotional education and support in a school setting, have spent months at home with parents or caregivers, who are often struggling to juggle their own jobs. Those same adults feel overwhelmed and concerned about their children's development.

The Animal Island Learning Adventure (AILA) Sit & Play Preschool Learning System offers an effective solution to the challenge of early childhood education at home.

AILA is a hands-free device designed for toddlers ages 12 to 36 months with an understanding of how young children actually learn.

AILA delivers the right content at the right time. It meets children where they are, and gets them where they need to be. The curriculum teaches literacy, numeracy, social emotional skills, problem-solving, collaboration, communication, creativity, with storytime, music, and movement.

"I work with inner-city kids from middle- and low-income families," says Maria Benjamin, director of the Next Generation Learning Center in Richmond, VA. "These families deserve the best. I believe they can have a promising beginning and a good foundation of learning, and I'm very thankful they can get a head start with AILA."

Animal Island Learning Adventure (AILA) Preschool Learning System has led to many success stories such as with Jaxon Pizzi.

His parents, like many others in this country, were concerned about their child's speech development. After using AILA with Jaxon, his mom, Randie, says it best.

"When Jaxon was 23 months, we decided to purchase AILA. In the short 3-1/2 months we have had it, his vocabulary has exploded beyond measure!" she says.

"He went from mostly signing and saying just a few words to saying and singing dozens, and we thank AILA for this."

Randie adds, "The repetitive and engaging curriculum has been the key to unlocking Jaxon's voice. He sings and dances along with the characters like no one is watching. It is pure bliss as his parents watch his eyes light up as he enjoys learning with his friends on Animal Island. As many other parents know, hearing that your child may have any kind of delay is a blow to the gut. We are no doubt still in that boat, but getting closer to the dock everyday with AILA."

AILA has no advertising, and no subscription is needed, so there is no risk of children encountering inappropriate content.

In addition, AILA For Parents mobile app lets adults track their child's progress towards key milestones and monitor their child remotely while they are playing.

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