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Enhancing Healthcare Economics: Predictmedix AI's Safe Entry Stations Revolutionize Safety and Efficiency

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / August 10, 2023 / Predictmedix AI Inc. (CSE:PMED)(OTCQB:PMEDF)(FRA:3QP) (the "Company" or "Predictmedix") today provided an update on its Safe Entry Stations as it relates to the healthcare vertical in which the company is rapidly commercializing into. Safe Entry was featured in an independent newspaper article in India focused on the company's Safe Entry solution as a triage solution for the healthcare industry. The featured article highlighted that BPS Women's Medical College, a major government hospital in India which screens over 2000 patients per day, is utilizing the Safe Entry to screen patients for 15 vitals in 17 seconds resulting in several positive outcomes for hospital systems. For more information, please visit

A Revolution in Workflow Efficiency

The conventional workflow of spending roughly 20 minutes per patient for physical vital sign monitoring, coupled with instrument costs, maintenance, and manual data entry, is being replaced by Predictmedix AI's Safe Entry Stations. Safe Entry streamlines the entire Triage's process, completing it within a mere 17-20 seconds. This remarkable advancement eliminates the need for labor-intensive manual screenings, significantly reducing waiting times and resource allocation challenges.

Financial Benefits of Utilizing Safe Entry Stations

In an article published earlier this year in Forbes, Healthcare May Be the Ultimate Proving Ground For Artificial Intelligence, illustrates how the integration of technology like Predictmedix AI's Safe Entry Stations in hospital settings could help healthcare organizations achieve 10% savings in healthcare operational expenditures (OpEx).1

The article underscores multiple key findings that emphasize the substantial financial benefits of utilizing technology like Predictmedix AI's Safe Entry Stations:

Labor Cost Reduction: By automating the initial screening process, Predictmedix AI's Safe Entry Stations significantly reduce the need for manual symptom screenings and temperature checks by healthcare staff. This automation empowers hospitals to reassign personnel to more critical tasks, leading to a substantial reduction in labor costs.

Efficient Patient Flow: Hospitals that have embraced Predictmedix AI's Safe Entry Stations reported a streamlined patient entry process, resulting in faster patient throughput and reduced waiting times. This improved efficiency not only elevates patient satisfaction but also allows hospitals to cater to a higher patient volume, translating into increased revenue.

Preventive Measures: The proactive identification of individuals with potential symptoms or risks using Safe Entry Stations effectively prevents the spread of contagious illnesses within the hospital environment. This proactive approach significantly lowers the likelihood of outbreaks, thereby reducing the associated costs of treating infected patients and implementing containment measures.

Resource Allocation Optimization: Safe Entry Stations accurately identifies symptomatic individuals at the point of entry, enabling hospitals to allocate resources more judiciously. This includes optimizing the utilization of isolation rooms, minimizing unnecessary testing, and aligning staff assignments based on real-time patient needs.

Legal and Liability Mitigation: Early identification of symptomatic individuals through Safe Entry Stations assists hospitals in mitigating potential legal liabilities linked to patient exposure to contagious illnesses. This proactive approach contributes to reduced legal costs and mitigates potential damage to the hospital's reputation.

Improved Infection Control: Predictmedix AI's Safe Entry Stations play a pivotal role in upholding a hygienic environment by preventing symptomatic individuals from entering the facility. This directly impacts the reduction of healthcare-associated infections, subsequently lowering treatment costs and operational expenses.

Enhanced Patient Outcomes: The timely identification of symptomatic individuals through Safe Entry Stations results in early intervention and improved patient outcomes. Hospitals benefit from shorter patient stays, fewer complications, and reduced resource utilization, contributing to OpEx savings.

"In the realm of healthcare innovation, Predictmedix AI's Safe Entry Stations showcase the effective merging of technology and healthcare.Driven by our dedication to advancing patient care and operational efficiency, we are shaping a new paradigm in healthcare practices. By automating screening processes and optimizing resource utilization, our Safe Entry Stations offer not only tangible cost savings but also the assurance of enhanced patient safety and well-being. The evolution of Safe Entry holds promise for both our company and shareholders, as we continue to shape valuable contributions within the healthcare sector and drive positive change," commented Dr. Rahul Kushwah, COO of Predictmedix AI.


About Predictmedix AI Inc.

Predictmedix AI Inc. (CSE:PMED)(OTCQB:PMEDF)(FRA:3QP) is an emerging provider of rapid health screening and remote patient care solutions globally. The Company's Safe Entry Stations - powered by a proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) - use multispectral cameras to analyze physiological data patterns and predict a variety of health issues including infectious diseases such as COVID-19, impairment by drugs or alcohol, fatigue, or various mental illnesses. Predictmedix AI's proprietary remote patient care platform empowers medical professionals with a suite of AI-powered tools to improve patient health outcomes. To learn more, please visit our website at or follow us on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

Public Relations Contact

For further media information or to set up an interview, please contact:

Nelson Hudes Hudes
Communications International (905) 660 9155
Dr. Rahul Kushwah (647) 889 6916

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Disclaimer: "The Company is not making any express or implied claims that its product has the ability to diagnose, eliminate, cure or contain the COVID-19 (or SARS-2 Coronavirus) at this time.


SOURCE: Predictmedix AI Inc.

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