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Effective solutions for improving process ability and productivity of LSZH and HFFR cable materials

Low-smoke halogen-free cable material is a special cable material that produces less smoke when burned and does not contain halogens (F, Cl, Br, I, At), so it does not produce toxic gases. This cable material is mainly used in places with high requirements for fire safety and environmental protection. Low-smoke halogen-free cable materials are usually used in high-rise buildings, stations, subways, airports, hospitals, large libraries, gymnasiums, family houses, hotels, office buildings, schools, shopping malls and other crowded places.

The main problems that may be encountered when processing and granulating low smoke halogen free cable materials include:

Poor flowability: Due to the addition of large amounts of inorganic flame retardants such as aluminium hydroxide (ATH) or magnesium hydroxide, the addition of these materials reduces the flowability of the system, leading to frictional heating during processing, which may cause material degradation.

Low processing efficiency: Extrusion efficiency may be low, even if the processing speed is increased, the extruded volume may not be significantly improved.

Uneven dispersion: poor compatibility of inorganic flame retardants and fillers with polyolefins may lead to poor dispersion, affecting the mechanical properties of the final product.

Surface Quality Problems: Due to uneven dispersion of inorganic flame retardants in the system, it may cause roughness and lack of gloss on the surface of the cable during extrusion.

Die head adhesion: The structural polarity of flame retardants and fillers may cause the melt to adhere to the die head, affecting the release of the material, or the small molecules in the formulation may precipitate, leading to accumulation of material at the die mouth, affecting the quality of the cable.

The following points need to be noted when processing granulation:

Optimise the formulation: adjust the ratio of flame retardant and base resin, use compatibilizer or surface treatment agent to improve the dispersion.

Control the processing temperature: avoid material degradation due to high temperature.

Adoption of suitable processing aids: Use processing aids such as silicone masterbatch to improve the fluidity of the molten state, improve the dispersion of fillers and reduce energy consumption.

SILIKE Silicone Masterbatch SC 920 Improve Processability And Productivity In LSZH And HFFR Cable Materials.

SILIKE Silicone processing aid SC 920 is a special silicone processing aid for LSZH and HFFR cable materials which is a product composed of special functional groups of polyolefins and co-polysiloxane. The polysiloxane in this product can play a anchoring role in the substrate after copolymerization modification, so that the compatibility with the substrate is better, and it is easier to disperse, and the binding force is stronger, and then give the substrate more excellent performance. It is applied to improve the processing performance of materials in LSZH and HFFR system, and is suitable for high-speed extruded cables, improve output, and prevent the extrusion phenomenon such as unstable wire diameter and screw slip.

Why choose SILIKE Silicone Masterbatch SC 920?

1, When applied to the LSZH and HFFR system, can improve the extrusion process of the mouth die accumulation, suitable for high-speed extrusion of the cable, improve production, prevent the diameter of the line instability, screw slip and other extrusion phenomenon.

2, Significantly improve the processing flowability, reduce the melt viscosity in the production process of high-filled halogen-free flame-retardant materials, reduce torque and processing current, reduce equipment wear, reduce product defectrate.

3, Reduce the accumulation of die head, reduce the processing temperature, eliminate melt rupture and the decomposition of raw materials caused by high processing temperature, make the surface of the extruded wire and cable smoother and brighter, reduce the friction coefficient of the surface of the product, improve the smooth performance, improve the surface luster, give smooth feel, improve scratch resistance.

4, With special modified silicone polymer as the active ingredient, improve the dispersion of flame retardants in the system, provide with good stability and non-migration. By adding the right amount of SILIKE Silicone Masterbatch SC 920, you can effectively solve the problems during the processing of low-smoke halogen-free cable material and improve the production efficiency and product quality.

If you are worried about improving the product competitiveness of low smoke halogen free cable material, you can try SILIKE Silicone Masterbatch SC 920, which can effectively improve the unwinding speed, enhance the processing efficiency, and save the cost for your production.

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