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Accessories for differential pressure transmitter

In normal operations, several accessories are commonly used to assist differential pressure transmitters in functioning properly. One of the vital accessory is valve manifold. The purpose of its application is to protect the sensor from single-side over pressuring damage and isolate the transmitter from the process while maintenance, calibration or replacement. A typical 3-valve manifold incorporates one equalizing valve and two block valves matching the high & low pressure side of transmitter. All valves are integrated into a metal block interfacing the transmitter chamber through process connection.

3-valve Manifold for WangYuan WP3051DP Differential Pressure Transmitter

After the installation is complete, to start measurement, open the equalizing valve first, then open block valves at low and high pressure side in sequence. Wait until the pressure in lines is stable, shut the equalizing valve tightly and leave the block valves open, then the device is ready for differential pressure or flow detection. To isolate the transmitter, shut the high pressure side block valve, open the equalizing valve and shut the low pressure side block valve last to make sure residual pressure in the transmitter chamber is kept as low as possible. In the end, open the bleed fittings to clear out remnant pressure after the instrument is cut off from process.

Manifold Valve Position Diagram

Another common type for DP transmitter is 5-valve manifold, which integrate two morel bleed valves on the basis of 3-valve. The additional built-in bleed valves allows remnant pressure to be vented to farther place instead of in proximity to the chamber case.

5-valve Manifold for WangYuan WP3051DP Differential Pressure Transmitter

As mentioned above, accumulated medium residual pressure should be discharged before remove the DP transmitter from service. Some kinds of manifold could provide bleed valves for the job but a more common approach is bleed fittings mounted on transmitter chamber case through thread connection. Loosen and remove the plugs, and the remaining medium pressure would be vented from the orifices.

WangYuan WP3051DP Differential Pressure Transmitters Bleed Fittings

At last, it is noticeable that DP transmitters are often installed on brackets. Pipe mounting bracket is designed to offer a stable approach for DP transmitters’ attachment on the operating site. It is mainly composed of a U-bolt and straight or L-shape plate.

WangYuan B3 DP Pipe Mounting BracketWangYuan WP3351 B2 L-shape Bracket Mounting

As an experienced instrumentation manufacturer providing best factory automation solution, WangYuan is able to fulfill any accessory needs of our WP3051 series products. If you have any doubt or demand on above accessories please feel free to contact us.

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