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Barbara Y. Martin, Renowned "Mozart of Metaphysics," Passes Away at 94

ENCINITAS, CA, June 01, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Barbara Y. Martin, celebrated author, metaphysical teacher, and spiritual luminary known affectionately as the "Mozart of Metaphysics," passed away peacefully at her home in California on May 27, 2024, at the age of 94, days before the launching of the third edition of her classic book, "Change Your Aura, Change Your Life," co-authored with Dimitri Moraitis. Together, Martin and Moraitis co-founded the Spiritual Arts Institute ( Martin leaves behind a profound legacy of spiritual wisdom and teachings that have transformed countless lives around the world.

"Your passport to eternity is the Light you earn." — Barbara Y. Martin

Barbara Y. Martin was born on June 25, 1929 in New Britain, Connecticut. Her extraordinary journey into metaphysics began at an early age when her mystical clairvoyant talents opened, giving her many visions and spiritual encounters. These experiences set her on a lifelong path of exploration and mastery of the metaphysical arts. See this five-minute video about Martin's life.

Dubbed the "Mozart of Metaphysics" for her many spiritual gifts and remarkable ability to see and interpret auras with unprecedented clarity, Martin dedicated her life to helping others understand and harness their spiritual potential. Her groundbreaking work on the human aura and the spiritual sciences garnered her international acclaim and respect.

Born with the gift of seeing the aura in all its subtleties, as well as interacting with and being taught by celestial beings, Martin's abilities often got her into trouble with her family and friends. She learned to keep quiet about what she saw and experienced. However, her abilities, insights, and lessons only heightened throughout her teenage and adult years, along with the call to make metaphysics her profession. Martin met her first spiritual teacher, Dorothy La Moss, at age eleven. La Moss led a famous theater stock company in the midwest, yet quietly she was a hermetic scientist. Clairvoyant herself, La Moss was the first to teach young Martin about her spiritual gifts and how to interpret the aura. Years later, Martin trained as a young adult with Dr. Inez Hurd, a well-known LA-based mystic clairvoyant who helped Martin sharpen her gifts and prepared her for the rigors of becoming a professional metaphysical teacher. Martin committed to her destiny fully and began lecturing, teaching classes, and providing consultations on the esoteric arts, thereby beginning the career of one of the world's great mystics.

In 2000, Martin teamed up with her long-time student and co-author Dimitri Moraitis to organize her many years of teaching into a comprehensive training center. Initially called The Center for Metaphysical Studies, it became Spiritual Arts Institute when incorporated as an educational 501(c)(3) non-profit in 2005. The school is both a metaphysical training center and a publishing house. During this time, Martin was training Moraitis as a spiritual teacher to continue and add to the spiritual work when her time as a teacher concluded. Their first book together was Martin's flagship book, considered a metaphysical magnum opus, "Change Your Aura, Change Your Life." That book launched a series of metaphysical titles on the mystical arts based on Martin's many years of clairvoyant experiences.

In 2016, Martin realized a long-held dream and opened the door to the Institute's new physical building in Encinitas, CA. Spiritual Arts Institute has become the premier metaphysical school for the aura, spiritual healing, and soul growth, serving as a beacon for those seeking to explore the metaphysical sciences. Read more about Martin at the school's website.

Martin and Moraitis co-authored several books that have been translated into multiple languages and continue to be foundational texts in metaphysical studies. These include the bestseller "Change Your Aura, Change Your Life," "Communing With the Divine," "Karma and Reincarnation," "The Healing Power of Your Aura," and "Heaven and Your Spiritual Evolution." A sought-after speaker, Martin's teachings provided practical guidance on spiritual development, aura cleansing, and energy healing, empowering individuals to lead more harmonious and fulfilling lives.

Martin has left behind a proud legacy of teaching thousands how to better their lives by working with the aura and spiritual energy.

Martin's contributions to the field of metaphysics have been recognized with numerous awards and honors. She was often featured in media outlets and spiritual forums, where her teachings reached an even broader audience. Her work has left an indelible mark on the spiritual community and will continue to inspire future generations of metaphysical seekers.

To learn more about the 25th anniversary edition of Martin's book, "Change Your Aura, Change Your Life: A Step-by-Step Guide to Unfolding Your Spiritual Power," please visit the Spiritual Arts Institute website. The book is available everywhere. Encyclopedic in scope, colorful, and easy-to-read, "Change Your Aura, Change Your Life" is a metaphysical classic, the most comprehensive book on the human aura and meditating with spiritual energy.

"A classic work on a fascinating subject! Barbara's extraordinary ability to see auras grounds her book in reality — and her many years working with people gives her tremendous insight in the vital connection between subtle energy and spiritual experience." — Joseph Selbie, author of "The Physics of God" and "Break Through the Limits of the Brain."

In this 25th anniversary edition, newly added chapters explore spiritual rhythms in the aura; explain how you can live in greater harmony within yourself, with others, and with life; and discuss how meditating with the aura can support your journey into greater heights of spiritual awareness, including the mysterious yet magnificent Christ consciousness. Plus, there is a new chapter on meditating with crystals and candles to enhance your auric meditations.

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About Barbara Y. Martin:
Affectionately known as the "Mozart of metaphysics," Barbara Y. Martin is one of the world's foremost clairvoyants, aura specialists, and metaphysical teachers. She is co-author of a series of award-winning books that include the international bestseller "Change Your Aura, Change Your Life," "Communing With the Divine," "Karma and Reincarnation," "The Healing Power of Your Aura," and her newest book, "Heaven and Your Spiritual Evolution" (release date, October 2021). Barbara has taught thousands of people how to better their lives by working with the aura and spiritual energy. For more information, visit

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